War Ration Book No 3

War ration book no 3

War Ration Book No 3 Paperback – January 1, See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Pamphlet "Please retry" — — $ Pamphlet from $ Manufacturer: Ofice of Price Administration. War Ration Book No. 3 Pamphlet – January 1, by Office of Price Administration (Author), Office Price Management (Editor) See all formats and editions. Hide other formats and editions. xn--80aqafbcerwjl3k.xn--p1ai: Office of Price Administration.

Home Page > Ration Book Search War Ration Book No. 3. Office of Price Administration Front. Warning. This book is the property of the United States Government.

It is unlawful to sell it to any other person, or to use it or permit anyone else to use it, except to obtain rationed goods in accordance with regulations of the Office of Price Administration. WWII War Ration Book No.1 & 3 Collectible, Kansas City, Missouri, worn from being in a purse, but has many stamps.

War Ration Book No. 3 War Ration Book No. 3. New ration books covered all the foods now rationed, which included sugar, coffee, red meat, dairy products, and fats. Ration books were issued to individuals and could not be used by others. To make sure it was not borrowed or sold, each book included the name, age, sex, weight, and height of the.

War ration book no. 3, valid Septemberincluded 8 pages of stamps, four for meat rationing, and four for a clothing rationing program never put into effect. Some clothing stamps were eventually validated for shoe rationing. I have the WAR RATION book No. #3 and #4. I would like do know if there are of value.

Thank you. gail strother says: at pm I have the WAR RATION books No. #3 and #4 from the war. I do not know if they are of value. They belonged to my Mother who passed away in 98 and I am just now going through her memorabilia. Value of war ration book no 3 - Answers.

The value of a War Ration Book 3 is usually somewhere between $1and $10 depending on condition. Specialized private collectors maypay a little more for. make offer - c vintage war ration books no. 3 & 4 world war 2 from west virginia usa WORLD WAR II RATION BOOK FOUR W/STAMPS - PENNSYLVANIA B $ Ration Order no. 3 (April 21, ) Food conservation; Ration Order no. 13 (Dec. 27, ) World War, Food supply; Format: ration coupons; Language: English; Extent: cm x cm (" x ") Digital Collection: Ration Coupons on the Home Front, Source Collection: World War II ration coupon collection Rights.

Every American was issued a series of ration books during the war. The ration books contained removable stamps good for certain rationed items, like sugar, meat, cooking oil, and canned goods. A person could not buy a rationed item without also giving the grocer the right ration stamp. Once a person’s ration stamps were used up for a month. Jun 02,  · i have a WW11 war ration book no.3 db on it all the stamps are in it but 2 could u tell me a littlw about it and if it is a collectors item and how much it is worth read more.

Feb 27,  · Four different series of war ration books were issued. Infive months after (December 8, ) the United States entered the Second World War, " Book One " series were issued. In January" Book Two " series were issued. " Book Three " series were issued in October of Details about WW2 WAR RATION BOOK NO.

3 w/4 Pages of STAMPS - - Cleveland Ohio. 1 viewed per hour. WW2 WAR RATION BOOK NO. 3 w/4 Pages of STAMPS - - Cleveland Ohio. Item Information. Condition: UsedSeller Rating: % positive. Mar 23,  · Ration books became a way of life for everyone at home during World War II. Each one was filled with ration stamps. You had to have ration stamps to buy things at the store.

It still cost money, but you couldn't even buy it unless you had stamps. The instructions on the back of the booklet read: 1. This book is valuable. Don't lose it. 2. Feb 23,  · I am in possession of (2) War Ration Books (Book Two # & Book 4 ) both are in "good shape" Book Two only has 3 stamps remaining and Book 4 has approx.

They were issued to my Mother. Collection consists of ration coupons, stickers, permits, and certificates for tires, bicycles, typewriters, sugar, shoes, fuel oil, gasoline, and food which were issued by the Office of Price Administration between There are duplicates for a few items.

Collection consists of ration coupons, stickers, permits, and certificates for tires, bicycles, typewriters, sugar, shoes, fuel oil. War Ration Book No. 3 Artist: United States Government: Date: Medium: paper, ink Dimensions: H W inches Provenance: Bill and Jackie Johnston Credit line: Gift of Bill and Jackie Johnston Accession Number: G On view. May 18,  · United States of America War ration book 1. WARNING. 1. Punishments ranging as high as Ten Years’ Imprisonment or $10, Fine, or Both, may be imposed under United States Statutes for violations thereof arising out of infractions of Rationing Orders and Regulations.

Jun 05,  · WWII War Ration Book No. 3, World War II rationing began in Rationing was an attempt to keep prices low and to give everyone a chance to get scarce items. Each family member was issued a ration book and the family pooled all the stamps to purchase the items they needed, or could get, that particular week with the stamps. Description: This is a War Ration Book No.

3 that belongs to Sue C. Covey. According to digitized documents on xn--80aqafbcerwjl3k.xn--p1ai (), the stamps within the book were used to purchase food, clothing, and other commodities during World War II while these goods were scarce. 3 Detailed'instructiolls concerning the use of the hook and the stlmps will be llllOued. Watch for tholle iuatructions &0 tbat you willitnow how' to use Y0ut' book: and stamps.

YOW" Local Wal." Price aud xn--80aqafbcerwjl3k.xn--p1aik Board ca.n give you fun information. • 4 Do Dot throw this book away when all of the IItamp, xn--80aqafbcerwjl3k.xn--p1ai used. WWII War Ration Book No.

3 issued by Office of Price Administration, 3 full pages of coupons and 1 partial page, issued to infant in Ohio. Apr 23,  · Application for War Ration Book No. 3 Description. Ration book application signed by Beatrice Clementine Blewett in Alexandria, Louisiana.

The note on the bottom right corner says "This application must be mailed between June 1 and June 10, After June 10th, applications will not be accepted before August 1. Item 5: War Ration Book One Undated Item 6: War Ration Book Two Undated Item 7: War Ration Book Three Undated Item 8: War Ration Book Five Undated Mileage Ration Coupons, Undated Box1, Folder4 Container(s) Description Dates Box Folder 1 4 Item 1: Mileage Certificate Undated World War II Rationing Stamps Program, Feb 15,  · War Ration Book One (2 copies) 1: 2: War Ration Book Two (2 copies) 1: 2: War Ration Book, No.

3 (2 copies) 1: 2: War Ration Book Five (2 copies) 1: 3: Food Ration Certificates (2 copies in 3 parts) 1: 3: Sugar Purchase Certificate (2 copies, 3-part carbon form) 1: 3: Sugar Allowance Coupon, 1 Pound (2 copies) 1: 3: Sugar Allowance Coupon, 3. War Ration Book No. 3. Welcomed to Crazy Marios. Everything in pictures is accurate and what you get.

War ration book no 3

We are not collectors experts like that, so you mite get a good deal. This is part of a large buy we got recently. We set up at flea markets and buy people's collections we get called on.

We do not know anything about coins or currency. The war ration stamps are very common and the demand for them in the collector's circle is not very high.

A complete book might get $10, partial books and single stamps are not going to be. Dec 27,  · Of the four books issued, ration books no. 1 and no. 3 will likely yield the most genealogical information. In addition to the person’s name and address, these books also required a physical description of the individual, their sex, and their age. Book no. 3 was issued in Octoberand as you can see in the above image, contains fields.

Dec 16,  · How collectible are "War Ration Books"? How collectible are "War Ration Books"? Dec 16, PM. I was given 6 "War Ration Books" with most of the stamps still in them. Are they collectible? Would they be worth very much?

I would really appreciate any help. Sep 03,  · File:War Ration Book No. 3, World War II, Office of Price Administration, United States of America - Old Colony History Museum - Taunton, Massachusetts - DSCjpg From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Subject: War Ration Book No. # - EU Date: 10 Dec When I found the War Ration Book No. 3 that was issued to me when I lived in Fairfield, Connecticut I couldn't help but want to scan it and put it on our alumni web site.

Civilians first received ration books—War Ration Book Number One, or the "Sugar Book"—on 4 Maythrough more thanschoolteachers, PTA groups, and other volunteers.

[3]: An American child purchases a can of V8, handing the grocer his ration book. War ration book no 3 value Photo, Print, Drawing War ration book no.

3. This new ration book, replacement for present books when their stamps are used up, will be distributed during the. WORLD WAR TWO (WWII) War Ration Book No 2 Stamps & Certificate Umatilla, Oregon. $ +$ shipping. 4 Original WWII US War.7/ Background paper contains stylized Great Seal and the phrase "U.S. Government Ration" in blue ink. Motivational statements: "Rationing is a vital part of your country's war effort.

This book is your Government's guarantee of your fair share of goods made scarce by war, to which the stamps herein will be assigned as the need arises. Ration book four was printed in red, blue and green.

Each stamp was illustrated with a military symbol such as a naval ship, airplane, tank, gun, horn of plenty or torch of liberty, adding a patriotic flair. Ration book four also introduced red and blue cardboard tokens, each valued at one-point, to be used as change for ration coupon purchases.

What ration book did war ration stamp 19 stamp in it? 1. What ration book had ration stamp 6, 3, and z5 in it?

War ration book no 3

3. What ration book had ration stamp meat 2 in it? none of the above. What 2 colors are the tokens? blue and red. What were the tokens used for? change. Why was a nationwide speed limit 35 mph imposed during ww2? WWII WAR RATION BOOK NO. 3 AND NO. 4 -- WITH SOME STAMPS. PLUS PROCESSED FOODS COUPONS 5 POINTS (5) AND 20 POINTS (1) ***** We are always presenting wonderful Vintage and Collectible Items from Nice Estates here in Connecticut.

All are different and quite collectible. Please visit our Ebay Store for a look. Apr 01,  · War ration stamps were a common item, and they are not in high demand as a collectible item, making their value fairly low.

According to Exhibit Hall, war ration stamps are only worth a few cents each, and entire books generally sell for between $3 and $5. Sep 24,  · Q -- I have two objects in my possession that I would like to know more about. The first is a War Ration Book No.

War ration book no 3

3 with the stamps intact. I was 9 when the book was issued. Ration book used during World War II with sheets of stamps inserted in the middle. There is a note on the back of the book that reads: "NEVER BUY RATIONED GOODS WITHOUT RATION STAMPS, NEVER PAY MORE THAN THE LEGAL PRICE." Physical Description.

1 book ; 11 x. Aug 15,  · Rationing during WW2: See war ration books, ration stamps, gas stamps, sugar coupons & more from the ’40s. During WWII, countless products were limited in order to help meet the demands both of the military and the citizens back home.

Here’s a look at what those ration books and rationing stamps looked like. Jan 25,  · Then I saw the title: War Ration Book 4. And then I saw Book 3 and several others. They were coupon books issued to U.S citizens during a time when homegrown and imported goods became scarce as the country fought a war in Europe. I had not seen any of these thin postcard-size books at auction before, but I was familiar with what they were.

Frank A. Freeman’s War Ration Book No. 3. Book filled with ration stamps. Format PDF Date Date Range Language English Location unknown Types / Genre Document Collection Jessica Dixon and Frank Freeman Collection Creator United States of America Office of Price Administration Publishers U. S.

Government Printing Office Source. World War II War Ration Book No. 3 (), issued to Helen F. Maze. Helen Maze was 31 years of age and living at R.D. #2, Cranbury, NJ at the time the book was issued. Book contains four (4) pages of unused ration stamps; one sheet of stamps has three stamps missing.

The ration book form number is OPA Form No. R Search Terms. World War II War Ration Book No. 3, back, ca Date: 20 August Source: Scan of original documents in collection of author: Author: Mr. Smiley:) Permission (Reusing this file) PD-USGOV.

Item Description: Translate description You are bidding on a WWII ration book with stamps still attached, plus a few more loose ones. It comes with its original folder. This is the real thing and its still in pretty good condition. Information & Special Terms. WAR RATION BOOK NO.

3 WITH THE RATION STAMPS. ISSUED 1/8/45 $ Seller: acerpoo (). War ration book no. 3. This new ration book, replacement for present books when their stamps are used up, will be distributed during the early summer. It contains four pages of "point" stamps, similar to the point stamps in war ration book 2, though slightly different in design and printed in brown ink.

Aug 01,  · I have had 3 of the fighter plan ration stamps from the War Ration Book#3 since 9th grade. They were found in a dictionary I purchased for school. I am now I just discovered today what their official name was.

They aren't worth anything - but I .