The Rarest Comic Book Ever

The rarest comic book ever

Dec 04,  · 10 Rare Comic Books That Are Worth a Fortune 1. Action Comics No. 1. The inaugural issue of Action Comics marked the first appearance of Superman and helped kick off 2. Amazing Fantasy No. Before Spider-Man became the star of multiple comic books series, TV shows, and movie 3. Detective. Nov 09,  · Now onto the ultimate rarity he’s the poster boy of the superhero world and commands the highest price a comic book has ever sold for.

It’s Superman well technically it’s Action Comics. That’s right Action Comics #1 from Junethe original and first appearance of Superman hit a record sale: $ million in Author: Ebuyer. Jun 18,  · The big daddy of comic collecting, "Action Comics" #1 is not only one of the rarest comic books in the world, it's also the most valuable. This is because the book debuted a certain character by the name of Superman, who ushered in the entire superhero comic book genre. The 20 Most Expensive Comic Books in the World.

The 20 Most Expensive Comic Books In the World. The list of comic books and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around Showcase #4 – $, Suspense Comics #3 – $, Action Comics #13 –. Here are some of The Most Expensive Comic Books That You Might Own. 25 Iron Man #55 () - $3, This goes one step further as being one of the best comic books you'll ever read, and is notable for having some of the most shocking images in a bat book ever, along with paralyzing Barbara Gordon, a change that had her become Oracle.

Cerebus the Aardvark is one of the (if not the) longest graphic novels ever published. This ish fromstill somewhat crudely drawn by creator Dave Sim back then, is priced at $ This ish fromstill somewhat crudely drawn by creator Dave Sim back then, is priced at $ rows · Nostomania's Most Valuable Comic Books. With each pricing update we compute. During its evolution from a funnies comic into a superhero title, via the transitional title New Adventure Comics, this DC title became very popular with buyers at the time.

However, some issues are considered among the rarest of all DC comics. Read our Adventure Comics article for more details. New Adventure Comics # Jan 26,  · The book was well-preserved and was numbered 45 of the first copies ever printed. It was also considered lost at one time, but it was originally purchased in a bookstore in New York City.

Oct 25,  · Everyone's favorite comic book teenager debuted in a 6-page story near the end of this issue called "Introducing Archie." So did other popular characters like Betty and Jughead. This book is really rare, so unless your kindly ancestor tucked an issue away in their safe, you probably don't have one. Even a copy in rough shape should fetch. Aug 12,  · Take a piece of old-timey comic book history, add the debut of Marvel’s first-ever mutant and you get a grand investment or a prize for only a handful of collectors out there.

In an attempt to bring in new comic readers, Funnies, Inc. partnered up with Timely (the eventual Marvel) to put out books in movie theaters to try and drum up some sales. Top Most Valuable Comic Books of the Golden Age () The Most Valuable Comic Books from Each Age. This page will deal with the most valuable of all, Golden Age comic books. We will say that the Golden Age begins in and ends inwhen the Silver Age began. Here are links to the other eras.

However, instead of ending the comic book so soon, Peter Parker, the Science Guy, concocts some chemicals to fuse Ock's metal arms. 4 Amazing Spider-Man #2 - $, A rare comic to find in mint condition, it merits a $, price tag if discovered. Feb 21,  · The 10 Most Expensive Comic Books Ever Sold. 10) "Incredible Hulk" #1, CGC -- $, Perhaps the hottest collectible comic book in recent years has been the first appearance of the 9) "Captain America Comics" #1, CGC -- $, 8) "Marvel Comics" #1, CGC -- Author: Brian Cronin.

Detective Comics #27 ($m/£,) The first appearance of the Dark Knight fromcreated by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, is a book all comic book lovers would want. American Comic book series is a best comic book that was introduced in the world in Action comics 1 for the first time features Superman who took the whole world by storm. It is the most expensive comic book of the world ever sold as it was sold for the high price tag of $ million which is amazing. 1. The rarest of the rare in Golden Age collectibles, this 1 issue of World's Best was the prototype for what became World's Finest Comics - the book that teamed-up Superman & Batman!

See the top prices this one-off is going for by following the title link! Apr 10,  · There are a few different Whitman variant comics available, but as only a few issues of DC Comics Presents #22 have ever been seen, they’re without a doubt the rarest of the whole range. 6 Unity #1 Golden Ticket Variants Back inValiant Comics released a brand new line of five different comics under the Unity title. Generally considered the first teen comics, Archie Comics 1 is one of the rarest comic books in terms of near mint condition and a highly sought Golden Age comics in any grade.

Published inthe estimated near mint Archie Comics 1 value today is $87, Amazing Spider-Man #1. Mar 30,  · Finally, we have my pick for what is objectively the single best comic book ever printed: "The Final Chapter" from Amazing Spider-Man # If Ben.

The 20 Most Expensive Comic Books Ever Sold. As you can see by the top two comics here, to date Action Comics #1 is the most expensive comic book to date. Action Comics #1. 3) Amazing Fantasy #15 $1, () CGC Another superhero icon sells for a super price! This valuable comic is credited with the first ever appearance of. Oct 06,  · Collecting The Most Valuable Comic Books Of The '80s and '90s October 6, Gobbledygook had an estimated print run of between to copies, making it one of the rarest comic books ever.

It was also controversial due to violent themes and content. Forgeries are quite common, so buy only a CGC-graded copy, and expect to pay close to.

The rarest comic book ever

This is a list of printed books, manuscripts, letters, music scores, comic books, maps and other documents which have sold for more than US$1 million. The dates of composition of the books range from the 7th-century Quran leaf palimpsest and the early 8th century St Cuthbert Gospel, to a 21st-century holograph manuscript of J.

K. Rowling 's. May 31,  · Ash unboxes a new collection of wartime Canadian Whites comics. You may never see these again. Yes, they are THAT rare. For more info, read our article on th. Aug 25,  · An original copy of the Action Comics #1 that initially cost 10 cents and introduced Earth to Superman became the world’s most expensive comic book Sunday when it.

Apr 15,  · Considered by many to be the holy grail of comic book collectibles, Action Comics – #1, is officially the world’s most expensive comic book ever sold! Published init brings us the very first appearance of Superman. Jul 31,  · Most valuable Marvel comics you might find in your closet By C. David / July 31, am EDT / Updated: Feb. 23, pm EDT If you collected comics. Aug 20,  · DC Comics.

This comic book is undoubtedly the most valuable comic book in the world. Two different comics have sold for one million dollars recently and even lower grades of this comic book sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Action Comics #1 is the birth of superhero comic books and contains the first appearance of the world's best-known hero, Superman.

Feb 14,  · Here are some of the rarest Beano comics ever sold at auction. Bananaman appeared in the first-ever edition of Nutty magazine on 16 February,before making several appearances in. May 10,  · Which is the most expensive Superman comic of all time? Comic books can be huge collector's items. This list is sorted from least valuable (relatively) to most valuable.

Here are the 15 most valuable comic books ever. The copy of Action Comics 1# sold for a massive $ million at an auction inmaking it the world’s most expensive comic book ever. 2- Amazing Fantasy #15 ($M) Amazing Fantasy #13 include the debut of the first appearance of The Amazing Spider-man.

it. Feb 03,  · The Most Expensive Books in the World Meghan Jones Updated: Feb. 03, Read this the next time you're tempted to complain about the price of hardcovers at Barnes & Noble.

Dec 12,  · Here's the most expensive comic books in existence, and boy I tell you, I remember the old days, when comic books and a soda pop were only a dime! The Most Expensive Purchases Ever. 10 Most Valuable Marvel Comic Books.

Even though Marvel books aren't generally as valuable as their DC counterparts, if you happen to have a well-kept copy of any of these issues, take care of it, because it could help pay for your xn--80aqafbcerwjl3k.xn--p1ai: Adam Pockross.

The rarest comic book ever

The most valuable comic book in the world is worth a whopping $m (£m). Here, we list what the world's top 10 comic books are worth in mint condition, using data from Nostomania, which. I believe that the rarest comic would depend on a number of factors, age, low print run, value to the market etc. Whiz comics #1 is a scarce ash can featuring Captain Thunder, called Captain. This is the third of our "The " best of lists and it takes a look at one of my lifelong hobbies- comics and comic book collecting.I learned to read from comic books.

Before I ever entered school I was well ahead of the "See Jane run." kids and it was because of comic books.I have lived a happier and more imaginative life which has brought me countless hours of joy.

Jul 22,  · It’s not uncommon to see Detective Comics #27 changing hands for a million dollars, but a high-grade copy of the comic actually sold for $1, pushing it ahead of Spider-Man. 1. Action Comics #1 – Sold at 3, So here it is. The most expensive comic book of all time Drum roll please Action Comics #1. While most first edition comics are worth thousands, this specific Disney comic takes the cake and then some. This Mickey and Goofy comic book with original plating and artwork is estimated to be worth up to $, total online.

A hefty sum for even the most dedicated Disney collectors out there. The first comic book to feature Batman, Detective Comics #27 was published in May is the most expensive comic. In addition to being the first appearance of the beloved character, Batman’s early Detective Comics appearances are notable for giving readers a rare look at a more brutal Batman, willing to use deadly force and even firearms (his hatred of guns, which goes hand-in-hand with.

Feb 22,  · He found that his great-uncle had managed as a boy to buy a staggering array of what became the most valuable comic books ever published. Once Rorrer realized how important the comics were, he. Mar 11,  · The Most Expensive Marvel Comic Books Ever Sold. Many people who are interested in nerd culture, find themselves drawn to comic books. Whether they grew up obsessed with the action filled storylines, or they become acquainted with the hobby at an older age- comics books can open readers up to a whole new world.

Mar 29,  · "Amazing Fantasy, No. 15" - Spider-Man debuted on the cover in Augustwith the comic book series scheduled for cancellation, but sales. Aug 25,  · CGC NM value: $1,Issue dated: May Although Detective Comics is the longest continuously published comic book in US history, the most iconic issue, and most valuable single comic of all.

Detective Comics #27 (May ) featured the first appearance of Batman. Today it’s considered one of the most valuable comics of all time. Jul 25,  · You perhaps heard of the lucky Minnesota man who found a copy of Action Comics No. 1 in the walls of a home he was rebuilding. The beat-up comic book, featuring the. For a time, this book was the most valuable comic ever sold.

Then the s came along. A gorgeous copy. Without the rusted staples it would be even nicer (if that's even possible.) Estimated Value:$2, Mile High/Edgar Church Copy of Marvel Comics #1.

Flash Comics #1. Dated Januaryand featuring the Flash, it is rare because it was produced in small numbers for promotional purposes, and was unique as issue number 2 was retitled "Whiz Comics". Approximate Value (In "near mint" condition): $97, USD. The highlight of the auction was a copy of Action Comics no.

1 in good condition (CGC grade ) that sold for $, Unknown copies of Action Comics no. 1, the most valuable comic in the world. Jan 13,  · January 13, A List Of Important Comics From the s Key Comics From Key Comics From Key Comics From Key Comics From Key Comics From Key Comics From Key Comics From Key Comics From Key Comics From Key Comics From [ Special Note: in.