Blind Date With A Book Descriptions

Blind date with a book descriptions

Wednesday, February 12th, You've probably heard of blind dates with books before: books wrapped in brown paper with a few keywords or a review on the outside to indicate what kind of surprise the reader might be in for. It can be a fun way to discover something new or read outside your comfort zone, but like many actual blind dates, things don't always work out. Feb 07,  · As far as recent literary trends go, the literary blind date is one of my favorites.

A few years ago, in an effort to help customers not judge their books by their covers, Elizabeth’s Bookshop in Australia began wrapping books in brown paper, hinting at the contents with intriguing clues that don’t give too much away. I was delighted to see the trend make its way to my local bookstore.

Blind Date: A "blind date" is a date between two people who have not previously met. Usually you will get set up by a friend who knows the person. For this activity I had students pick up their. Blind Date With a Book Descriptions. Adult. Oryx and Crake (FIC Atwood): “I’m an award winning anadian dystopia about genetic engineering and the end of the world.

I love philosophical discussions and strong metaphors.”. Jan 21,  · Blind Date with a Book is all the rage these days, and for good reason. If you've not heard of this yet, it's quite simple. You just choose some good books (preferably ones that aren't checked out often), take some wrapping paper (or even bulletin board paper), cover the books with the paper, and put them on display. Feb 08,  · Blind Date with a Book: Young Adult Edition Molly Wetta Feb 8, For the last several years, I’ve done a “Blind Date with a Book” display at my library.

It surprises and delights patrons, who can select a wrapped book with nothing but a brief description written in the format of a personal ad to hint at the contents. Jul 22, - We love these displays! Make your own during February, as part of your summer reading program, or to accompany a singles event at your library. See more ideas about Blind dates, Summer reading program, Book display pins. Mar 20, - Explore Angela Green's board "Blind Date with a Book Ideas" on Pinterest.

See more ideas about Blind dates, Library displays, Book display.9 pins. A Blind Date with a Book is a hand wrapped book, carefully curated from a wide range of popular genres that is tagged with intriguing clues alluding to the book inside. This curated collection includes everything from mystery, romance, classics, horror, adventure, science fiction to young adult. Jan 31,  · Blind Date with a Book is an exercise in, truly, not judging a book by its cover.

The selected books include both fiction and nonfiction titles, with basic genres and categories clearly marked on the wrappings. Apart from these categories, though, we are trying to be vague yet intriguing with the hints we are adding to the book wrappers. Jan 26,  · As far as short, erotica sexual fantasy type books go, this one was enjoyable. Grace sits at a bar waiting for a blind date to show up. He's already 40 minutes late and she's debating leaving when a gorgeous Adonis walks in, grabs her and plants a passionate, mind-blowing kiss on her, as it turns out, to make another girl in the bar jealous/5(81).

Jul 21,  · Blind Date with a Book for Adults. By Bruce Kocher, Director, Missouri Valley (Iowa) Public Library. The goal of this one-month program was to expose our patrons to unfamiliar books and authors.

Blind date with a book descriptions

For the month of February, we displayed wrapped books at the entrance of the library with brief labels attached to each one. Mar 04,  · The blind date concept lets the store’s employees (they all get to play) choose exceptional books to put in their readers’ hands.

You have to be confident about a book to let a customer buy it sight unseen. The biggest motivator for most blind date purchases—and this is certainly true for mine—is the fun factor. Feb 16,  · Last year I ran the popular Blind Date with a Book display at the Forest Heights branch of Kitchener Public Library.

I created a mixture of adult, teen, and children’s books, and found that they all flew off the shelves! I’ve enjoyed looking through other librarian’s interpretations of Blind Date with a Book on ALA Think xn--80aqafbcerwjl3k.xn--p1ai year, I decided to stick with the hand drawn approach.

In “Blind Date with a Book” programs, books are wrapped in plain paper to hide their titles and authors and a brief description of the book is written on the front. The descriptions focus on who might like the book and the genre and visitors are encouraged to pick a book that sounds appealing without seeing the cover or reading the xn--80aqafbcerwjl3k.xn--p1ai: Carli Spina.

Recently saw this at a bookstore. A shelf titled "Blind Date with a Book," with a bunch of books wrapped up so you can't see the cover/author. Instead they printed out a synopsis of the book (but removed specific identifying info) and glued it where the cover would be and put a price tag.

So you just read a short "bio" of the book and blindly decide if you want to buy and read it. Blind Date With A Book Valerie, This February, I wrapped up books in brown paper & wrote a dating ad style description on the front.

Pupils chose a book based on the description. They weren’t allowed to unwrap the book until they left the library. Inside the package was a. Jun 27,  · I’d love to see a site that lets us go on proper blind dates with books. Strip out all the flawed heuristics, just give me the first chapter and nothing else.

No cover, no author name, no. This is a really cool concept. They've wrapped the books in brown paper and wrote a brief bullet point list synopsis. No judging the book by the cover or reading the back. There are all kinds is genres; horror, teen, thriller, romance, humor, etc. The prices I've noticed are $6-$ It's like unwrapping a. Sep 23,  · Blind Date with a Book – How it Works: 1.

It’s a wrap! Simply wrap up a selection of brilliant books from your library. The blind date books should include a mixture of fiction and nonfiction with a blend of genres and writing styles, as well as poetry.

Try to avoid major best-sellers and go for books they might not have seen or read yet. Oct 19,  · In October, Tower Free Library launched a new, monthly event called Blind Date with a Book.

Intrigued? Here’s how it works: Attendees pay $2 for one book/$3 for two books/$5 for three books. You won’t know the title/author of the books – each book is wrapped paper, with a short, catchy description written on the outside. May 11,  · Bookshop Santa Cruz got their Blind Date idea from a customer who had seen a similar promotion at a library. The bookshop’s challenge to judge a book by something other than its cover, amused writer, Michael Marshall, who tweeted a picture of the display on January 18th.

I came across a section of books that are wrapped in brown paper, and I was a little confused. They had writing on them that consisted of a genre and a short description. I looked above the display and found a sign that said “Blind Date with a Book!” I soon realized that each of these books were meant to be a surprise for after you bought them!

One of my favorite displays to make is my annual Blind Date With a Book Display. This display features books that are wrapped or otherwise covered so readers can’t see the title or jacket copy of the book until they borrow it. You can label the book with short descriptions, a quote, the first line, or anything else you can think of to. That’s why our blind date with a book series is going to work a bit differently.

If you find that you are interested in one of the fabulous mystery books below, click the link and it’ll take you start to its catalog page. There you can come face to face with the book you’ve chosen and truly decide if it is the one that you have been. There are blind date with book for sale on Etsy, and they cost $ on average. The most popular color? You guessed it: gold. Footer Yes! Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy.

Enter your email. Subscribe. Blind Date With a Book Descriptions. Adult. Oryx and Crake (FIC Atwood): “I'm an award winning Canadian dystopia about genetic engineering and the end of/ All the feels, romance, heartbreak, parents, boyfriends and Young Adult - Don't judge a book by its cover.

Shipping around the globe. Blind Date with a Book Titles by Pennaceous - a staff-created list: A list of books that had good circulation on an adult Blind Date with a Book display. May 31,  · All ‘blind date’ book covers are completely covered in brown paper — with just a few vague word cues scrawled on the front to give you an idea about the book’s content.

descriptions. Blind Date With A Book Young Adult Blind Date Learning @ Home Excel [email protected] Competition By Year Level Preschool Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year Primary - General Secondary - General Kumon VCE Texts Checkpoints The BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK activity matches students with wrapped books that are tagged with hints to help readers select potential “dates.” Readers take the book on a blind date by reading it for minutes - just enough time to give it a chance to make an impression.

Finally, students sha. If you know they love books, then Blind Date With A Book is the perfect gift. All you need to do is choose the genre, and we’ll do the rest. Your order will come gift wrapped with our exclusive map design wrapping paper, twine and a stamped gift tag.

Choose a mystery book from the library’s display, then rate your date to be entered for a prize. Hawley Public Library February Go on a “blind date” for the valentine season! Each book will be covered with just a short description hinting at what the book is about. Jan 28,  · Below you will read a description of the book. If it looks interesting, just click the link and you will be sent to Overdrive.

Unlike the wrapped Blind Date, you will get to see the cover of the book before you download. The numbers do not correspond to the Blind Date display, but the descriptions do.

Place: Earth. Time: Now. Customer Jessica Baker thinks Blind Date Books from Elizabeth’s in Newtown would be a great Valentines Day gift. BLIND DATE BOOKS Buy a book based on the description. Home of the Original Blind Date with a Book.

A hand wrapped NEW book, carefully curated from a wide range of popular genres. Tagged with intriguing clues alluding to the mystery title inside. It’s a puzzle, it’s a present! Blind Date with a Book - Don’t judge a book by its cover. Jun 10,  · 'Blind Date with a Book' Wins Award for Claremont Middle School Library - Rockridge, CA - "Mystery book" takes on a new meaning.

Product Description. Do you want to implement a “Blind Date with a Book” in your classroom? This resource bundle provides you with EVERYTHING you need to introduce, model, and assess this fun project! You have the option of “Blind Date with a Book” or “Fall in Love with a Book” in case you work with younger students or work in a.

Blind Date With a Book Blurbs Adult Fiction A (FIC Alexis) Strange, literary, and inspirational. By the author of this year’s Giller prize winner.

Alligator (FIC Moore) Intricate characters, rich emotions, and lyrical storytelling – all set in Newfoundland Bad Monkey. Description. Never judge a book by its cover again! Take your reading experience to a new level by having a blind date with a book! Try reading something new and different by getting a surprise book in the mail. Books are selected at random and are all in new or like new condition.

If you have a specific genre in mind, please let me know during /5(). Try a Blind Date with a Book! couldn’t hurt. So far, Stiles had sold almost all the original books he’d set out, and many of the customers had come back for more. Stiles was cataloguing a stack of donated used books on a Friday evening when he heard the bell on the front door jingle. This Valentine’s Day, find love in the library.

Blind Date with a Book Rescheduled to: Friday, February 17, 11 a.m.–3 p.m. Where: Killam Library (MacRae’s event was February 16) What: Fall in love with a good book.

If you’re looking for mystery, fantasy, poetry, romance, or science fiction, the Killam and MacRae libraries are where you’ll want to be this Valentine’s Day. Aug 25,  · Each book has the first line to see if it captures your interest. As always, there are two gift cards hidden in the books!

Blind date with a book descriptions

With the purchase of a blind date book, you can pick a. Blind Date With A Book. Blind Date With A Book. Coupons. Sell on Cratejoy Sell. Sign in. Gifts Gifts Women Women Men Men Kids Kids Self-Care & Wellness Self-Care Beauty Beauty Books Books Food Food Geek & Gaming Geek Fitness Fitness Art & Culture Art Pets Pets Home & Living Home Novelty Novelty New Arrivals New Arrivals. More. Join us in the Quirky Blind Date with a Book discussion group! See More. Quirky Blind Date with a Book.

August 20 at AM. Follow, track your reading progress and leave reviews for Author Gwyn McNamee here: Quirky Blind Date with a Book. August 20 at AM. Apr 25,  · Blind Date With A Book! - Week Four - Romance, Sci Fi and Much More! Saturday, 25 April Four weeks of GiveAways!!! Enter this week to win one of the following titles in eBook. Week 4. Feather Light, Lorenz Font, Romance/Erotica. Aug 20,  · The rules of Book Blind Date are simple. Either place books individually inside an envelope or wrap them in paper or fabric.

Then once the book is covered add a label giving clues about its content. I like to choose books about topics children might not yet have discovered or by authors they have not yet read.

BLIND (-Stamped, -Tooled, or -Embossed) Impressed into paper or binding material without color or gilding, leaving an impression only. BOARDS The front and back covers of a hardcover book, today typically a cardboard base covered with cloth, paper, or leather. BOOK CLUB EDITION (BCE, BOMC, etc.) Editions published by book clubs (i.e.: The Book-of-the-Month Club, Fireside Book Club, History.

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